Engineering Services

We empower the best professionals with the most advanced design and engineering technologies.
In our engineering department we have the possibility of combining mechanical, fluid dynamic, and electromagnetic simulations, improving the general analysis of the project
Using advanced software we can participate from the development of innovative products to the modeling of industrial processes and plants.

Management Services

Our team of high performance professionals stands out for their autonomy, speed, efficiency, productivity and commitment to project results.
We work on complex, multicultural, decentralized projects in several languages, which allows us to provide services in any country in the world.

  • Contract Management.
  • Project management.
  • Construction Management.
  • Works supervision.
  • Project planning.
  • Cost Control.
  • Purchasing management and logistics optimization.
  • Quality control and quality assurance.
  • Pre commissioning, Commissioning & Stat up.

Our Methodology

We manage projects using the FEL (Front End Loading) methodology, based on the best industry practices to maximize the efficient use of capital, reduce risks and meet strategic business objectives.

Ejecutamos obras electromecánicas y civiles, nuestros servicios van desde la aprobación de permisos hasta la construcción y puesta en marcha.
Realizamos construcciones protocolizadas en base a normativas nacionales e internacionales, cumpliendo altos estándares de calidad.
We have led and developed an extensive network of prestigious companies in the fields of electrical construction, metalworking, piping, steel structure, civil works, instrumentation and control, with whom we strategically associate to expand our capabilities and improve competitiveness in remote locations.

Mechanical works

We supply, manufacture, install, commission and start up pumping systems, pipes, heat exchangers, tanks, agitators, reactors, cooling towers, boilers, steam systems, compressors, power generators and machines for industrial processes.
We specialize in modular constructions and prefabricated pipes.

  • Skid for pumping systems.
  • Skid for temperature exchange.
  • Skid for electrical Shelter.
  • Skid for water treatment.
  • Skid for Fire Network.
  • Skid for Compressed air.
  • Skid for Fluid conduction prefabricated pipes.

Electrical works

We develop electrical works ranging from engineering design to construction and commissioning of Medium and Low Voltage electrical distribution lines installation of MV/LV transformers transformation centers MV switchgear grounding system main electrical panels secondary electrical panels lighting projects, motor control center and machine control panels.

  • Measurements of electrical variables.
  • Grounding measurements.
  • Insulation measurements.
  • Data logger.
  • Fault location.

Civil works

We offer a complete portfolio of services for civil works and metal structures, from design, structural verification to turnkey construction.
Our main services are:
Management of environmental permits.
Plans approval.
Soil study.
Excavations and soil movement.
Constructions in Reinforced Concrete,
Structures made with steel beams.
Structures made with structural profiles.

Technology integrations

The world is constantly advancing technologically.
Each technological improvement impacts not only productivity but also the way of doing business.
There are companies that act quickly to adapt to technological changes to gain competitiveness and market share.
We integrate spaces dedicated to studying and promoting the enabling technologies of industry 4 0 and digital transformation, working as a team with leading technology partners, research centers and educational establishments.
We are a technological ally for customers who need solutions in the areas of instrumentation, communications, control systems, software integration, process simulations, AI applications and industrial robotics solutions.

OT Systems

Our services range from system design to commissioning, integrating technologies from different vendors, achieving fully transparent homogeneous applications for customers.
We focus on the usability, maintainability and reliability of the systems.

  • Instrumentation.
  • industrial communications.
  • PLC Programming.
  • HMI & SCADA.
  • DCS.
  • Control systems migrations.
  • Cobots & Industrial robotics.


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